Methods and instruments

In a time where all information is free available and downloadable, it is getting more and more difficult for companies to make the right decisions based on the amount of data, information, generated assets and opinions of internal or external experts. 

Companies are looking for facilitators and coaches with a broad set of skills to work on their wicked problems that match the companies purpose and the customers needs.

As Creative Companion we are working as a generalist, interface or mediator between business, people and technology with hands-on mentality and focus on overall brand experience and innovation. We use a select variety of different tools based on brand and service design principles like: 

brand values, brand personality, customer insights, persona development, customer journey mapping and operations, rapid prototyping, co-creation, coaching and action learning.

Here are some inspirations we have collected, designed and developed. We use them on a regular base as a starting point for workshops or projects.

The Dynamic Strategy Framework

The Music Thinking Framework is a repeating and dynamic model based on the principles and learnings from my experiences as a musician and Creative Director. It has four distinct parts: steps, dynamics, cues and instruments. The most important idea is that it’s an iterative process and should not only be followed once but repeated many times.

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Music Thinking is a mindset to think from diverse perspectives at the same time and to get inspired to work in meaningful collaborations above silos. 

It supports you to integrate Agile methodologies, Design Thinking and Service Design with Branding and Organisational Change.

The dynamic strategy framework has four distinct parts: phases, dynamics, cues and instruments. The most important idea is that it’s an iterative process and should not only be followed once but repeated many times. That is where the dynamics come in.

Support your team with fresh co-creative thinking and work on themes like strategy, research, culture, brand experience, service experience, organisational experience, and co-creativity. 

The Persona Workshop

Empathy is the most important skill to design relevant services or products. If you want everyone in your company 'to see with your customers eyes' you need an instrument to help them making quick and relevant decisions. Persona is such an instrument.

Since many years we are working with persona as a tool to guide better decisions. First in online development as user persona, also in Service Design as reality persona, then in brand development as aspirational persona (not to be mixed with the brand personality) and eventually in service design as a starting point for customer journeys.

And there is a new site to offer you three services based on your needs to start working with personas:

1. Persona Awareness Masterclass for your team (2 hours)

2. Two-Day Persona Workshop to create personas and use them

3. Persona Programme for your strategic human-centred design

The Persona Workshop with masterclass, workshop and programme - book your workshop in english, auf Deutsch of Nederlands.

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We've been helping people research, create and use their personas for over 20 years. As a result, we've listened to hundreds of interviews, persona presentations and data stories. Some personas are so up-to-date that teams can make quick decisions for products and services with high impact.